Can I use walker for 7-months old baby?

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It's best not to use a walker for your baby. Safety experts and health professionals strongly discourage the use of baby walkers, because of the number of accidents and injuries they cause. Baby walkers are dangerous because they give babies extra speed, extra height, and access to many hazards. Also, walkers won't help your baby learn to walk. Using one too much may even delay her walking independently. The use of baby walkers is a huge concern for many countries. In fact, in Canada their sale has been banned since 2004.

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it depends on individuals. for my case because i used it when im a baby. my hubby didnt. but my hubby is ok with the idea of a baby walker although my mil did comment. but we didnt let him sit on it too long each time. every baby is different so dont compare.

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It depends on individual preferences. Personally I feels it ok. I put both my boys in walker and now theyvare walking very steadily. Important is the height, both the feetvbut touch the floor completely. Also linit the time - 5 to 10min is ok.

I would recommend you not to, it is very bad for their bone structure, but if you have to less than 10 minutes each time and only once a day. Children actually learn to walk faster on their own without a walker.

Yes, you can. its only advisable to use when her neck muscles and head control are steady. However, please note that parental guidance is required for walker as babies tends to pull as they go.

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If you really want to use, it's ok, many babies are using and are growing up well too, just make sure, limit the timing every time ur baby use. 10-20 min like that.

depends on individual. but i will think a play yard is better. let her crawl rather than confine to walker. if really want to use. awhile shld b ok.

I won't recommend but if need to, always have an adult around to supervise

It is better not use the walker