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I told my/hubby's immediate family of my pregnancy at week 6 but when I told my dad I wanted to tell the news to other relatives after 3 months, my dad keeps comparing this to my cousin who didn't tell us she had cancer until she was in her final moments which really infuriated me because it's clearly not the same!! As a father of 2 miscarriages himself, how do I convince him that this is normal?? Already pregnancy makes me emotional and I really don't want my pregnancy to give me this kind of unnecessary drama

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It seems like you are dealing with a challenging situation regarding sharing your pregnancy news with your family. It's understandable that you want to handle this situation in a way that is comfortable and stress-free for you. It's important to approach this conversation with your dad with empathy and understanding. You can try to explain to him that every pregnancy is unique and that the timing of sharing the news is a personal decision. You can also share with him the importance of waiting until you feel ready and comfortable to share the news with others. Given your dad's personal experiences with miscarriages, it might be helpful to acknowledge his concerns and fears while gently affirming your own feelings and choices regarding your pregnancy announcement. Communication is key in situations like this, so finding a calm and compassionate way to express your perspective can help alleviate any unnecessary drama. Remind your dad that your decision is based on what you feel is best for you and your growing family. Overall, remember that this is your pregnancy journey, and it's essential to prioritize your emotional well-being during this special time. If needed, you can seek support from other trusted family members or friends to help navigate this situation with your dad.

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Breaking a good news and bad news to the family is different, why isn't your Dad seeing this point? Anyway i m at Wk 28 and my FIL still doesnt know about it. I just met him last weekend at their home and i guess he still didnt notice my bump.. MIL wants to continue to keep the news underwrap. Some FIL family members met me but nobody seems to realize, so actually it can be a hush hush affair it seems.

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Wow its really two diff things. U can let him know that u will share the good news after some scans as baby is still tiny and growing.. Etc. I only shared w my family after first trim 😅

Do u have a sibling? if yes, and your sibling understands what you're saying, perhaps u can let your sibling help u convey your feelings to your dad.

I wont listen to my dad if he compares smthg taht cannot be comapred. Also its your choice do what makes you happy and dont worry about others.

Huh the comparison … i cannot brain. For me i would ignore and just do whatever i want lol

Dont be affected by him, not worth it, we have your support here! :)

If anything happens you tell him he will be 100% responsible for it