Hi, I am thinking to get a helper. However, I am living in a 3 rooms flat. 1 room for myself, husband and daughter. 1 room for my parents and son who help to take care of my 18 mo son. Any idea how can I squeeze some space for helper?

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Move to a bigger unit or put 18mo son in CC then just engage a part time helper(no need stay-in). You also have to think where the maid is going to keep her stuffs especially her clothes that includes her undergarments bcs that is a very private stuff. Put yourself in her situation lor. Imagine you also a helper having to leave your own family behind to work for another family and they didnt provide you with the most basic stuffs that includes your privacy.

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Sofa bed or some pple will let maid sleep in the storeroom - assuming the storeroom is relatively empty.. I don't fancy sofa bed tho - caz it means it's not really nice for the family to linger in the living room at night because she needs to sleep too and really no privacy. Maybe kitchen? Sofa bed or just a mattress, at least it is around the corner so a little more privacy for her too

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I heard of someone housing the maid in d kitchen. Cos no one goes there literally during bedtime...... according to mom rules. U need to provide adequate sleeping space. So long a space that is big enough for her to sleep and no one can intrude her privacy. I think is good. But u need to sound this out when u are at the agency. Cos some FDW are very particular abt their sleeping area.

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A maid is also a human being just like us and they also deserve a proper privacy for themselves. A proper room for the helper to feel comfortable in after working the whole day doing her duty for the family, she will feel respected. Sleeping is also part of privacy, I'm sure most of us dont feel comfortable when we're asleep and ppl see us sleeping.

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Sounds like living room is your only option. Potentially helper will need to take mattress out every night and keep in the morning. During interview highlight this arrangement in front of agent and make sure the helper is agreeable to it, else it may come up as an issue when she joins u

Best to put 18mth in childcare cos can help with his speech development n growth. Grandparents will then have some time to help out w chores. How old is daughter? If possible put all in childcare will be better solution

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I don't agree to any of the solution, you need to provide adequate space and privacy for the helper. Living room, storeroom or kitchen all sound bad. Try to find a live out or part time helper if you can?

Preferably a sofabed in the living room. In the night she can open it up and sleep. Whilst in the day it can be a sofa. That way it wouldnt be an eyesore. Win win situation for you and the helper.

If you're using a sofa bed in living room, maybe u can buy those portable partitions so she has some sort of privacy at night...

Is gonna be tough, find way to give her a private space... maybe build a draw curtain in the living area or buy those diveter