Hi all, I am thinking to change my girl from child care to pcf which is half day school. Recently my girl been crying a lot n don't want go school. Checked with teacher n they said nothing wrong. I am now in a dilemma whether changing to pcf would b better. Anyone can advise? Thanks.

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Is there a change of teachers in the childcare? Changing a new school doesn't help in the crying. It's seperation anxiety that it's making them cry. a sudden change of school will make them cry even more. did you check if she stopped crying shortly aft reaching school? or she cries the entire day?

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5y ago

Yes, there is a change of teacher after going K1.

There are many possible factors. Its pretty hard to gauge. Firstly any recent changes in school or at home?

5y ago

Well.. the younger brother also go childcare but started with half day first.

How old is your child and how long has this been happening?

5y ago

5 yo. Been happening for several months.