Hi all, recently my 5yo daughter has begin to dislike going school. Every morning she will cry n give all sort of reason and we have checked with school and nothing is wrong. She give reasons like discomfort panty, scare of drilling, eat too slow, don't like that friend, don't know how to flush toilet etc. many times we just put n go despite her crying n we got to known from teachers after that she will stop cry n play w friends. Back in her n1/2, she was fine. K1 has a changed of teacher. I m clueless, hope some parents can give me some advices. Thanks.

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It seems like there is a change of teacher issue. I faced the same issue earlier this year when my elder went up to K1. He refused school and cried buckets. After i find out more, it's due to a change of teacher and circulum. For N1/2 is more of play rather then studies. Whereas K1, they focuses more on study and a little of playtime. He had a hard time to adapt. But now he is well and happy. In fact he loves studying

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Hear her out, we never know what the real reason is. could it be that something happened at school lately? I would monitor closely and talk to my child.

It could be due to the change of teacher.