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Hi . I think im pregnant 8 week . But not yet go to clinic for checkup . I planned to go to kkh after 5 month . Is it safe? Anyone here went to checkup after 4/5 month of pregnancy?

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Not advisable. Pls do go for an early check. If you're really 8 wks pregnant (may also not be accurate if you base on your LMP) you'll get to see your tiny bub on the ultrascan and hear his/her heartbeat. Also you need to take folic acic/prenatal supplements which will be prescribe to you by your gynae according to your needs. By delaying to do so, you may also not know if your pregnancy is a healthy one or not. If you have financial issues, best is to go for a referral from the polyclinic then go to the hospital's social worker when you got your 1st appointment to work out on the bills. Be safe then sorry.

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6mo ago

yeah true2. for now i take folic acid while planning when to go or not to go checkup. but i think tmorrow i will book appt for checkup. thankyou!