6 weeks Postpartum checkup

Hi mummies! Im due for my 6 weeks pp checkup at poly. To those who have been for the checkup , what usually happens during the checkup? Is it compulsory to go for the checkup? What if i choose not to go? (i have no one taking care of lo and hubby is working)

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Super Mum

It's highly recommended, doctor would check your healing process, discuss any issues you're facing, do routine pap smear, and may discuss contraception as well. It's good for you but if you're really busy and you feel OK generally then you can choose to not go :)

Super Mum

I brought my baby along:) doctor checks your wound, discusses contraception (very important, if you don’t want to get pregnant again so soon), and also does the pap smear (all of us are at risk for cervical cancer).

they will check wound, do routine pap smear. didnt go for my follow up for the 3rd child.

your wound will be checked