Late checkup

Hi . I think im pregnant 8 week . But not yet go to clinic for checkup . I planned to go to kkh after 5 month . Is it safe? Anyone here went to checkup after 4/5 month of pregnancy?

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Do go for a check soon, to at least be sure to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Pls also take folic acid daily! Take care dear :)

6mo ago

yes2 for now. im taking folic acid . but later ill book appt . thankyou!

Better to go get it checked soon since you're already 8 weeks to make sure all is good

as early as u know ur pregnancy, u should go for a check to see if baby is doing well.

6mo ago

thankyou! ill book appt later.

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best to go when you know your pregnancy to make sure everything is fine