I think bratxon hicks is the feeling of menstruation cramp and abit of constipation pain. But I don't understand why whenever I am about to have a short nap in the afternoon the pain will come and it went on and off. Today the pain come again and I can't take it but to rush to the toilet thinking I need to s***. I did manage to s*** but after that the uncomfortable feeling come again... the pain making me sweat ... it's been like this for the whole afternoon. currently 36 weeks plus.

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Hi, You know Braxton Hicks contractions happens when uterus tighten for approximately 30 to 60 seconds or sometimes till 2 minutes. They are also known as practise contractions because they prepare you for the real event, which is what they teach you in childbirth classes too (breathing exercises). These contractions are believed to occur more if you are dehydrated, when the bladder is full, if mother and baby are very active, after sex or if someone touches mother's belly. I think what you can try doing is drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Take warm bath or when you are lying down, change the position in which you feel it happens the most. Either shift to the other side, or take a pillow between your legs. Drink warm cup of herbal tea or milk. Try these things and if it doesn't help, please take advice from your doctor and follow what he says.

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