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I tested positive on a pregnancy test kit .. I tested 4 times at different days of the week, after I missed my period. Now I am going 6 weeks from my first day of last menses. I dont have common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and all. I only just experience metal taste in my mouth at times.. But recently I experience some aching pain on my lower back.. mainly on the left side.. is it serious? I have never really felt cramps during my period previously. Now I do sometimes experience cramp pain. I have not experience spotting or bleeding... Is it anything serious? When should I see the ob for ultrasound. Anyone has the same symptoms or experience similar situations?

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Congrats dear! ❤️ Not to worry if you don't have any pregnancy symptoms i don't have too. I was only fatigue and had backache and I'm in my 12 week now 😊 I guess we are the few lucky moms who don't experience it in first trimester 😂 For cramp pains wise, i have experience it too during early pregnancy when I'm about 4 weeks or more? As the pain was with me for about a week or 2? The pain is like a pulling feeling from your vagina. From what I've read it's normal as your body is expanding to "make a home" for your little baby. I get to know when i was pregnant when I'm about 7 weeks. What i did after taking the test is to go to a nearby clinic / went to polyclinic to confirm my pregnancy and then ask for referral to KKH, as it will be subsidised. From there they will set up an appt for scan etc. I guess yours will be set up in week 7 / 8? I guess it depends on how early you get to know your pregnancy? I know some moms go for scans as early as 6 weeks but they do come back on the 8 week. But majority will come on the 8 week since you can see the baby heartbeat and the baby can be seen quite clearly. I did my first scan when i was at 8.5 weeks 😊 Don't worry too much not having any symptom. I only experience a few seconds of nausea before i get to know i was pregnant and during pregnancy it's the same 😂 i don't get it everyday but once in a while for a few seconds 😂

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My wife is 10weeks. its normal. dont worry!! At first no symptoms but she started feeling morning sickness more from week 8 onwards.. almost every day vomiting and lower back pain down towards the leg. pls go for scan and make appt with your doc. take folic acid. Congrats. take care and stay safe!

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Backaches and mild cramping are normal during early pregnancy as long as there's no heavy bleeding. You should book an appointment with a gynae soon to confirm the pregnancy and make sure everything in on the right track. Normally by 7 or 8 weeks should be able to see heartbeat already.