Pre Pregnancy Symptoms

Hi Mummies, i am trying to conceive but still unable to use the pregnancy test kit yet as i am 1 week away from my upcoming period, doubt the result will be accurate. However, last night i experience white discharge and some mild cramps at the lower tummy. This morning I felt a little nauseated and didnt have much appetite when it comes to meat. Could only have some carbs. Was feeling slight headache too and took panadols. Just out of curiosity has any mummies experience such symptoms prior to a positive pregnancy test/upcoming period and got pregnant in the end? Just didnt want to take too much medication if i am really pregnant. Thanks!

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unfortunately pms has several similar symptoms for pregnancy. headaches, nausea and cramps especially. white discharge doesn’t indicate pregnancy, should look for light brown or pink instead. best advice is don’t keep your hopes up! panadol is safe during pregnancy anyway.

I have white discharge before my period. Cramps and headaches are possible pms. Cramps can be ovulation too. So you can use ovulation test kit to not miss the golden window.

How are you? Are u pregnant? If yes, congratulations!