I can't swallow big pills.. I'm on obimin and fish oil.. how?

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Same for me, since young till 33 too. I chew my pills and swallow with lots of water until I feel so full 😔 For the fish oil, I bought the small capsule type but still couldn't swallow it, drink water until it melted and the oil just spill out in my mouth and taste so yucky.. Only solution is either poke and drink the oil from it or pour the oil into hot beverage (I drank with oat milk) and drink it. Still taste yucky but no choice.

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Obimin cut half? Try putting the pills at the far end of your mouth near your throat thr den drink a big chunk of water ok! Keep trying until u can.. cos after delivery thr will be alottttt of pills u have to take my dear.. even worse 😂

Buy pill crusher to crush the pills into powder form and consume with food to mask the taste. For fish oil, opt for soft gel type so you can chew to consume the fish oil and spit out the outer soft gel.

Me too. Since young until 33 now. I bite until it become powder then drink with water. Fish oil, I only suck the oil then throw away the capsule

I can’t swallow too. I will just put into my mouth and bite into small pcs.

There’s small fish oil pills in the market. Maybe can try neurogain

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Can try the smaller mini fish oil

Drink nutri friend instead