Nausea and giddy at 23 weeks

I am still having nausea at 23 weeks particularly after food. Thought it will ease off when you hit 2nd trimester. Anyone experiencing the same so I know this is normal?

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Even though I'm 36 weeks along, I occasionally still feel queasy. However, if you are concerned, please let your gynae know and ask their opinion. The giddy part: You could ask them to check your iron level when you have a blood test; anemia is occasionally the culprit. Since this was my problem my gynecologists' recommended me iron tablets, which caused a lot of the problem.

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I'm on my 36th weeks now and sometimes still feel nauseas. But if you are worried, just tell your gynae and see their advice. The giddy part, Maybe can have them check your iron count when you do your blood test, sometimes anaemic is the cause. As this was my issue and my gynae prescribed me iron pills then It got alot better now.

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I am not sure myself. I am 21 weeks plus and my morning sickness jz came bck. I cleared of it at 13 weeks but it came bck at 15 weeks for like 1 week. Now, it came bck again at 20weeks4days. I was like ohh nooo whyyy.. This i my second pregnancy. I didnt have morning sickness for my first. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The exhilarating part: Anemia is occasionally the culprit; you could request that they check your iron level when you undergo a blood test. Given that I had a problem,, My gynecologists advised me to take iron supplements, contributed significantly to the issue.

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To see if nausea and vomiting are improving, we usually take medicine for a week. If symptoms continue another class of drug is added to the current regimen; however, if the patient has adverse effects, a different medication is substituted in its place.

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The giddy part: You might ask them to check your iron level when you have a blood test; anemia is occasionally the culprit. Since this was my problem, my gynecologist recommended me iron pills, which caused a lot of the problem

I heard some people vomit until they deliver. The condition is called hyperemesis gravidarum. Maybe check with your gynae?