Tummy Tightness

I am currently at 23 weeks into pregnancy. Experiencing tummy tightness, which mostly affects my appetite and sleep. I'm usually a side sleeper, but recently, I have been having trouble sleeping (sideways) at night and would wake up frequently. Do you mummy experience this? What other symptoms you had at 23 weeks, and how to prevent it?

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Same momsh , pag bloated at pag nangangawit sa lakad minsan mskit pa balakng bigat ndn kasi ng tiyan dhil malaki 😅 ok lng bsta healthy ang baby at naglilikot sya 🥰

Naexperience ko rin yung baby kicks sa my pusod na pag sumipa masakit. Have you experienced it too? First time Mom here. 23 weeks pregnant.

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I don't remember having tummy tightness. Do consult your gynae ya. In the meantime remember to always sleep on your left side

Same here, I experience tummy tightness on and off, especially if I walk continuously for awhile (15-20 mins)

same.. 2 nyts lalo na after meal feeling bloated.. i dont know it bcoz big na tummy ntin khit 23 weeks plang

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Yes I did. I tried to sleep earlier, to make up for the hours of sleep that I’ve lost

Try using a pregnancy pillow. It somehow helps for me