Solid food

I started solid for my little one. She’s 6mo, i gave her fruit purée and cerelac. I tried giving porridge but seems like she doesn’t like it. Cuz its tasteless. Tried adding meat too.. doesn’t work! Any tips mummies? First time mummy here ?

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Super Mum

At 6 months, I wouldn’t add meat or too chunky textures like porridge yet. Continue with the purees then gradually introduce chunkier textures. Babies shouldn’t take salt anyway so their cereals/porridge is usually bland

5y ago

I see. That probably means she’s not ready for porridge yet. Go with puree for now?

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Have you heard of Anya Meals? You can try get their stock that's suitable for kids

5y ago

Haven't tried yet. But most reviews recommend their stock :)

Super Mum

Abit too early to start with meat... How much puree or cereal did you give her? Normal for her to reject baby food when it was first introduced. Solid food is something so new and unfamiliar to babies, it can take a while for them to get used to the new texture in their mouth. 

5y ago

I use meat as a base for the “sweet taste” i gave puree or cereal once a day..