i am a sahm and i'm now suffering from burnout. Currently, caring for a 3yo toddler and 3mo baby. at times, the demand is too overwhelming especially when both are breastfed and both wakes up for night feed freqently. #1 tends to use his teeth when he feeds which irritates me. while #2 fuss over fast flow and often make a mess. #1 has been d/l and will only want d/l... he refuse to wean. i hate breastfeeding (to certain extend). sorry for such a negative post.

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I think you need to start training your 3 year old toddler to take the bottle or drink from a cup so that you can focus on breastfeeding your 3 month old baby. It will help tremendously. In time to come, your body can regulate the milk supply. Hang in there! It’s amazing that you can breastfeed for so long. I am so envious...

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Omg mummy! I am a sahm of a 9 month old baby girl and already I feel so tired! How do you do it?! I barely have time to eat or even go to the toilet. Wow! Well done mummy!! Jiayou!! You deserve a break! Ask your hub to take over in the day so you can have some time to yourself!

Hi mummy i think u should train ur 3yo to drink from cup instead of bf. As they reaches the age of going to school as well. Its also helping u to cut down some pressure and stress.

Hang in there! Maybe getting your 3 year old to stop breastfeeding will help lighten the load? Or atleast take it from a bottle? Take care!

stay strong mummy, the choice to breastfeed is not easy! be strong and keep on going :) you are such a strong, amazing woman.

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I can imagine!! Hope you have extra pair of hands to help, if not, even a part time cleaner will be great too!

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3 year should learn to drink from bottle so the terth wont hurt u so much

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stay strong mommy 💪😘

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Take care