Membrane sweep for vbac

My gynae told me she’s gonna do a membrane sweep for me next fri (at 37 weeks) to allow my body to go into natural labour as for vbac it’s not advisable to induce due to risk of rupture. She said i may or may not go into we have 3 weeks to play around to allow my body to go into labour & if it doesn’t may need emergency csect. To all vbac mummies....have u all done this before & did you all go into labour soon after that? I know every body reacts differently but just wanna know those who hv experienced it! And is it usually done abt 37 weeks? Fyi my first was a csect as baby breeched..planned for 39 weeks but had emergency one done on 37 weeks as water level low. So my body has not experienced being into labour! Thanks in advance!

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Super Mum

I had normal vaginal delivery but I did the membrane sweep for both pregnancies. Gynae told me the chance of going into labour was 50% but it was 100% for me. Haha. For both pregnancies, I went into labour within 24hrs.

2y ago

Yay congrats!