I just feel sian

I really really adore and love my 3MO girl. But... There's never a day that she doesn't cry murder. Even feeding her is hard now. She'll be drinking for awhile then suddenly cry murder for no reason. Afterwards, it'll be even harder to feed her. It's like i dont even know when she wants to eat anymore. When it had been 3hrs since her last feed and she's whining/crying, i give her the bottle and sudd she cries murder. Oh god, cant she just push the bottle away & dont cry., Leap or no leap, she loves to cry. I'm tired.. I'm bored.. i cant wait for maternity to end and be back to work.

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Mum of 2 here, currently housewive , i miss working too but i always tell myself nobody can and will take care of my 2 babies like i do. I hv a 5yr old and a 4month baby now. Usually baby cry if hungry, dirty diaper or gassy. You can try to massage baby every morning before feeding, cause if baby gassy they tend to cry alot. My son was so gassy that i had to bring kkh for checkup cause i got so scared. They prescribed me "ridwind". But among everything massage baby tummy worked the best. Do try. Hang in there this time shall pass soon❤

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Hi mommy, patience ya. It's may due to colic. Try massage her tummy to release the wind. Yes this period they only can cry. If continue you may want to consult PD for further checks. We don't know what exactly she going through as we are not medical expert. So best is to bring for further checks. I know it's tiring, but look at her. You love her! Do what you can to help her dear. She need you more ❤️

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I felt this way like u did previously. My ger would be crying murder all day long. I longed for the day she go to ifc and i could have peace. Much as i hoped for my ml to end n i could work, i actually wish i could turn back time n reach more milestones wif her now. Even now she is 8 months, sometimes we also dunno what she wants

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Maybe change of bottle nipple would help too. If you are still using a newborn nipple maybe can try a 3m . Most babies cry due to colic. So make sure your bottle is colic free ya. Ridwind and tummy massage helps a great deal.

might be gassy so maybe burp then continue milk. my baby was like that and will cry murder when feeding and even when daily routines. now older he gets better. this is a phase will be over soon ,jiayou!

my boy also cries murder everyday. he is gassy and colicky. probiotic drops helped him calm a bit, though he still cries murder sometimes :).

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maybe colic. my girl used to be like that.

Is it due to colic? Can try ridwind.