Hard to feed 2MO

LO is on mix bottle feed 90ml. We've also been giving her pacifier in the day to sleep when needed. No issues with feeding the past month. She has been sleeping in the day w/o swaddle. Recently, she doesn't want to be fed in the day at the 3hr mark (after waking up from nap, crying). After the 4th hour, she still doesnt want to eat. When the bottle touches her mouth, she'll cry uncontrollably. Then I'll console her & rock her to sleep or play w/ her. Only when she's half awake or asleep in the day, then she'll accept the bottle and drink until almost finish. In the past, whenever she cries waking up & her mouth chomps left right, she'll easily take the bottle. Recently, it seems like she doesn't chomps left right even at the 3hr mark. So far, no issues with night feeds. She sleeps with a swaddle and fusses for feed twice at night (~3am & 6am). I'm tired of figuring out what to do :( She has been a good happy baby for the past month.. so why now? :(

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it’s a developmental growth spurt, called a leap. It’s a phase and will pass.. my LO just turned 4 months