I really need to rant!!! I am really fed up with my parents. Everything gives in to my 21mo toddler, now whenever we(husband and i) said "no" or "cannot" or anything that doesnt please him he will scream and cry for "ah ma" even when he is in the public. Whenever he cries, my mum("ah ma") or my dad will come and carry him away. We already told them firmly to stay away whenever we are teaching the child yet they picked up fight with us(with me actually in the presence of hubby) in front of the kid. As though my son has someone to support him. Just now son cried from his nightmare, was pacifying him then dad came in and took him away. TELLING MY SON NO WORRIES DON LISTEN, COVER YOUR EARS NO WORRIES GRANDPA IS HERE!!! I am seriously raging about this matter. Everything also gives in to him, at his age he knows who he can look for and who can shelter him. So how am i gonna teach him and make him listen to me!!!

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