Hi mummies, care to share how you discipline your child. I have a 23month old boy. Very active. Went to IKEA yesterday so naturally he was very excited with the many things to see and play with. He didn't listen to me, wanted to run everywhere and touch everything. I was ok with it but just tired. I mean I understand, he was curious. I went home, ranted to my hubby and he wasn't happy. At home my son is the same but at least it's in a confined space. He climbs chairs and doesn't really listen to us unless we rationalise with him slowly. But ytd he wanted to climb a chair which he almost fell off. Hubby already told him he will fall if he wasn't carefull but he climbed anyway. My hubby scolded him. I went over and pulled my bag away, giving him more space to climb. Am I wrong here? Hubby says I give in to him too much and that i'm pampering him. But if I bring him down from the chair, he will keep wanting to climb no matter what. So to me, better to make the situation 'safer' by removing my bag. If after that he falls, let him learn from that. What am I doing wrong? He is very strong willed. Even stubborn maybe. But he has his moments where if we explain to him why or why not he will understand and stop.

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Your boy may be abit more active. He needs fish oil to his diet. Next, reduce gadget or TV for him

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