Am I a bad mum for not wanting to produce breastmilk anymore

Am i really a bad mum for taking medication to stop production of my milk? Im only 6 days post partum, but pumping has been taking a toll on my mental health. Not because of the low supply, but because of the frequent pumping and having to do it in the middle of the night too. As I’m not able to latch baby, im only pumping. And it’s really affecting my mental health on another level. Not including the extreme engorgement that had me crying nonstop. I then decide to go to KKH to get medication to stop my milk production, as advised by my gynae, as I don’t think I can survive another day doing all these. I also went thru e-csect, the recovery is also not helping. I feel like im going thru so many pain all at once. However i was judged by everyone for doing that. Everyone, even the nurse, told me I gave up too early and pity my newborn. But i believe mental health is more important and I believe babies on full FM grows the same as babies on mixfeed or BM. Am I really a bad mother for doing this 😔 Any mummies feed their babies full FM and their babies doing perfectly well ? #firstbaby #firsttimemom

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Nope,u are not a bad mother. All hospitals will try to coax mum to breastfeed as align to MOH guidelines. Definitely your mental health is very impt. If u have mix feelings about if u should stop breast pump like I did. I can suggest that u take lecthin for the engorgement and massage and pump out.Slowly try to drag your pumping time and do your last pump maybe 12 midnight then early morning u wake up then u pump immediately will that be better but will have a risk of engorgement too. It all depends on individual. Understand that once there is engorgement it simply makes all mummies more anxious and vulnerable. For your surgical wound pain,suggest you to take your pain killer strictly around the clock then slowly tamper down the pain killer if u are very concern with the pain. Don't be affected how others will judge u coz they don't know what u have gone through and everyone experience is different. I have friends that are on fully FM but baby also grow well. Hope my answer will make you feel better and help you abit ❤️

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You are definitely not a bad mother. Bm should not define whether a mother is good or not. No one have the rights to put you down. While baby is important, many people often forgot that mother’s wellbeing is equally important regardless of mentally or physically. Do what you think is best for your sanity, regardless of whether you give bm or fm, there will still be naysayers so just ignore them. Regardless bm or fm, they will eventually all end up eating McDonald’s 😂. I personally grew up with fm, definitely still alive and healthy. I’m sensitive (or petty wtv) so for that nurse who told you that she pity your newborn, I would totally write in a complaint letter. That is so uncalled for pls.

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2mo ago

As a nurse (or anyone), they shouldn’t force their opinions on others, especially a recovering mum. I would have understand if she wanted to get her to try out breastfeeding before giving up but the “I feel sorry for your newborn” is totally uncalled for.

i didnt breastfeed at all and gave my baby formula. my baby is 2 months old now and she's doing great. your mental health is important and to be able to take care of your baby, you have to take care of yourself first. dont ever think that you're a bad mom for doing what's best for you. to your baby, you're their world, they need you! 💖

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You do you. Mom’s wellbeing is as important as the baby’s. I hate it so much how the social media and ppl who are not even living with us being so judgemental. What’s their problem?! Do take good care of yourself. Apply cold cabbage on boobs to ease the engorgement. Maybe consider to try mixed feeding first for the time being?

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Nope you’re not a bad mother!! Your mental wellbeing is utmost important. I was once like you too but I persevered cause of the engorgement and now baby starts tk latch on me. I don’t plan to BF anymore soon too cause it is a workload. Do what’s best for you too mummy.