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Hi mummies, i just gave birth few days ago and found out i have inverted nipple and not able to latch baby and that made me so sad and demoralised. They told me to pump or hand express instead, to also use pump to stimulate milk. I tried pumping for 3 times, was able to get very few drop of colostrum. But pumping kind of affecting my mental, especially when i need to pump every 3 hours to stimulate milk/colostrum. Altho i only tried few times. Currently baby on formula since birth. Am I really a bad mother if I want to only formula feed my baby instead of exclusive pump or mix feed ? Any mummies formula feed their baby from born and doing well ? #FTM #pleasehelp

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i didnt want to breastfeed or pump from the beginning and i gave my baby formula from birth. the nurse said my nipples was good to breastfeed and i had great flow and milk. i tried to pump at the hospital and i dont feel great. so i told them i dont want to do it for my mental health and they prescribed me the pills to stop my milk from coming. but i get judge from my own family for not breastfeed my baby. so i did a massage for my body after i gave birth and the person asked if i breastfeeding and i said nope. also kena judge and then she go ahead and massage my boobs to stimulate my milk without my consent. i was so upset and i stopped doing massage from her. so my milk came back and its really frustrating. so i forced myself to let my baby latch on me because of people around me pressuring and made me feel like a bad mom. i told you that i feel more shitty after doing so. i cried and cried and no one even cares. so i stopped listening to them and just continue with feeding my baby formula. my baby's doing great! i still get judge here and there but i dont care anymore. my mental health come first! so pls dont ever feel that you're a bad mom for choosing whats best and works for you. because for you to able to take care of your baby, you have to take care of yourself too. if its affecting your mental health, it's not worth it. fed is fed and your baby will turn out great.

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It’s totally fine to formula feed baby while you slowly build up your supply. Not many of us are blessed with good supply. I personally had to do mixed feeding for 1.5m before I can transit to full bm. And yes, it’s easier to hand express compared to pumping for initial days as our milk ducts are blocked. Also, it is not true that you cannot latch with an inverted nipple. I have an inverted nipple and I can still latch baby, it just takes more effort compared to the easier nipple. Try to use a nipple puller or pump slightly to “pull out” the nipple before latching. Always offer the inverted side first. You can engage a massager to help you unclog your milk ducts, take sunflower lecithin to thin out your milk and make sure to drink more water. Unfortunately, if you want to build up supply, you have to frequently latch/pump regularly. But if pumping is taking a toll on your physical and mental health, just give what you have and top up with formula. They will grow up equally fine. Most importantly, regardless of bm or fm, fed is best. Don’t let other people’s opinion put you down. My siblings and I are all formula fed and we turned out equally fine 😊.

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I myself is a formula fed baby since birth. Nothing wrong and I’m quite pretty hahahah! I’m 5mth pp and doing mixed feeding, baby is drinking more fm than bm as I a low supply mom. I took supplements and lactation bakes and I try hard not to blame myself that my baby is not on full bm. Sometimes social media creates stress and guilt, making us fm moms feel terrible about ourselves. Bm is not the only good food that you’re going to feed your child. That’s my mantra :)

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Even thou I do not have inverted nipples, I do not have much breast milk too. Each breast only 10-20ml even thou I’ve tried everything. Just b there for ur LO, it’s more impt then providing BF. Don’t feel bad or anything. My LO have been on formula, and now he is 7+ kgs at 3months young!

Fed is best, not breast is best. As long as your baby is getting fed and sufficient nutrients,that is all that is important. Those who comment and judge, ask them to supply the BM then, else keep their opinions to themselves.

both my babies are on formula since birth..