What do you wear at home for sleep

I realise I having difficulty to squat to wash my private parts now. But no matter what still have to wash quickly right? And also find it difficult to bend to wear panty and shorts for home sleep. What do you wear for sleep? Anyone same problem as me or is just me? Last 2nd trimester...

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Hi, I am currently also having this problem. I did bring in a chair to seat and wash. Or can wash seating on the toilet bowl. A quick one. For wearing short and panty i seat on the edge of my bed.

3y ago

Ya. I tot I'm the only one having this problem. I find it difficult to bend my leg to wear my short. And I still got 3more months to go.. I try to sit on the edge of bed also don't feel any better. Haiz.

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Wear ur panty or pant sitting at the edge of the bed helps. Washing u can always wash when u are sitting and secure on the toilet bowl. Be safe mummy❤️

I sit on a small stool while bathing and sit on bed to wear clothes. When I got bigger, my hubby helped me out


do your wash while sitting on the toilet bowl or bring a chair in while you shower?

I just undies to sleep. Comfy and free😁

Braless and panties 😂


Wear a dress