Changing milk bottles frequency

I read that you should change milk bottles every 6months. Why? Is that really necessary? ?

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Yes very important especially if you're using plastic bottles.

Hi, Yes it is very important to prevent from germs and bacteria

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The teat needs to be changed more frequently I believe like once every 3 months since baby's mouth is directly in contact with it

Yes because of chemicals

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Yes, due to chemicals and bacteria

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Yes, due to bacteria and chemicals.

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Yes, best to!


Yes, due to frequent sterilization and brushing, the plastic will breakdown and leech chemicals and bottles will have scratches that our naked eyes may not see. And all the milk will stuck at the scratches and causes bacteria to grow. By the time the bottle change texture will be too late.

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If you are using the glass type, you don't need to change unless your break it. If you are using the PP type, then have to change every 6months. If using PPSU, then can last for a year then change.