How often do we need to change milk bottles (not teats)? My milk bottles have turned cloudy from the sterilisation, wondering if it is necessary to get new bottles.

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I would check the bottles and the bottle nipples at least every 2 to 3 months for signs of wear and tear. Breast milk or formula should drip steadily out of the nipple, if the liquids comes rushing out, then the hole is too big and the nipple should be replaced. If the bottle and nipples are discoloured, this could be a sign that the bottle is not to be used further and is deteriorating. Also, look out for cracks, chips, or breaks. Your child could cut, pinch, or otherwise injure himself. This is especially dangerous if you use glass ones.

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To me... I make sure I change the milk bottle at least 6 months once..... my kids each of them have at least 3 milk bottles and I steam my bottles at least two times a day... eat h bottle used two times the max before each sterilisation.... after each wash I use hot water to wash before I place it back into the steriliser...

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I change them every 3mths unless the teats crack , I have to change them earlier . My kids all love to bite down at the teats so sometimes the teat crack very soon . If the milk bottles get cloudy before 3mths , normally I will still use them as I sterilised them after every feed

Usually 3-6 months depending on the brand and the usage level. You should change when the teats turn yellowish and sign of cracks and lines shown on the bottles inner surface.

I change the teats every 3 months, bottle every 6 months or when it change colour, I use 7 bottle a day so I only need to sterilise once a day.

No hard and fast rule. Usually will change ard 3-6 mths period. Alot depending on individual. Some wait for really "dirty" then change.

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I will change the milk bottle 2 to 3 month, I myself feel is more hygienic.

I don't change bottles 🤗just the teats(nipples)

about every 3 - 6 months