Seeking advice on how subsidised obstetrician works in NUH please

I’m at the subsidised gynae clinic at NUH for my pregnancy, and I’m deemed a high-risk patient so I am followed up by the high-risk doctors team. However, I heard that these doctors may not be the one presiding at the birth of the baby, I’ll get whoever is on duty that day, might be a house officer or etc. seeking help from mums with this previous experience please. Can anyone let me know if it’s really the case that the delivery is by the random duty doctor that day? Even if it’s a high-risk situation. As the thought is making me a bit nervous haha. Thank you! #pleasehelp #FTM

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Hi, for any hospital, if youre undersubsidized, youll be seen by random different doctor. Same goes for delivery, itll be any doctor that is free. If you want to stick to 1 gynae, best to switch to private gynae under hospital.

11mo ago

Noted, thank you very much!

what condition did you have that they consider you as high risk patient?