Ovulating Pills

Am diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) for years. Was assigned to another Head & Senior Consultant as my regular gynae (Prof Han) is no longer with KKH. On my 1st visit in Feb 2022, he did regular scans and told me i was not ovulating, hence, prescribed Provera (Progesterone pills). Doctor recommended me to wait awhile before consuming, as i’ve just took a booster jab which may result in period delay. Took i’m the pills in March (for 12 days) & only found out i was pregnant in May. Am currently 20 weeks pregnant, panorama test came out Low Health Risk but still somewhat worried, any advice? #advicepls #pregnancy

Ovulating Pills
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trust your gynae, they know what they doing. if you have concerns about it, speak to them. i don't advice anyone to google and watch youtube and take everything face value. we don't even know who wrote these articles. you get stress for nothing which is not good for baby also.

I was ovulation n Provera, but b4 I start my cycle of Provera, I did a pregnancy test b4 I start my cycle. But doctor did tell me tat even though if I might be pregnant n took Provera, the pregnancy is safe.

I went thru the same thing, only found out I was pregnant after 8 days on pills to induce my menses. my gynae said the pills are imitation pregnancy hormones so it was fine. trust your gynae babe!

what are you worried about? if it’s low risk and gynae didn’t flag any issues, don’t worry too much.. as stress affects your pregnancy too

since low risk you can chill, unless doctor say otherwise.. worry and stress will affect baby too, so try to relax