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Can i do a pregnancy test a week before my next menses?

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I had a miscarriage MAY of 2019 we're trying to conceive again this last 5 months and january I feel really nauseated and I missed my period for like 3days so I ask my brother to buy me a Pregnancy Test and test it After lunch C is clear red line but the T is red faint line so we took another test but waited about 3 Days just to be sure and we had 2 red line now and I'm having abdominal pains for about 2 days now is it normal or should I go to my OB now?

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2 days before my predicted period since my cycle is either 28-29, I tried a pregnancy test and I got 2 lines, but the other one faints. I tried it again on the day of my predicted period and I got the same result, after 2 days, I tried it again since my period is late and I got the same result the difference now is the other line is more visible than before

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If you have medical issues like low progesterone or thyroid issues or recurring miscarriages, then early testing is advisable. I have hypothyroid so dr need to adjust my thyroid meds during pregnancy. But if you have no medical issues, wait if you can to avoid disappointment.

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i have medical issue before 2x i had miscarriage so as of now i need to take Pregnancy test before my Mens. For Assurance. 2 PT and the 2nd line is Faint both! Is this posible that im Pregnant? that early?

it really depends on your body and your length cycle. taking the test only when you missed your period is generally the rule of thumb. but you know your body best, if it feels unusual and you have been actively trying, no harm to test it. =)

You should wait to take a pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result. If you don't want to wait until you've missed your period, you should wait at least one to two weeks after you had sex.

is it possible to get pregnant after miscarriage 4 month ago .. this month feel very different .. dizzy , bowel , constipate , mood swing .. my period due on 19/3 .. is it to early to test pregnancy ?

You can, but results may not be accurate, even if you are pregnant. It's better to wait for a week after your period is late, so that hormone (hCG) levels are high enough to be detected by the test.

If you haven't missed your periods yet, it is probably too early to take a UPT. Best time for it is about a week or so after missed periods.

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1 week before period is way too early to detect pregnancy as HCG level isn't enough to be tested. A week later would be perfect.

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It will be too early to detect anything positive at this point. Best to take the test one to two weeks after mense is overdue.