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Mums , tell me when to take pregnancy test. My period is missed a few days, If I check now can I get the result or do I need to wait a week to check it?

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after a week you miss your period, you may check. if the test kit shows two lines, congratulations! pls call your gynae and make appointment at your week of 6 or 7.

Check now. Buy the cheapest PT first. That's what I did. I am regular. But 3 days delayed I checked, turns out positive! 😊🙏

If your period is regular, you can take now. I took mine after I missed period just by 1 day but the line was very faint.

yes you can i have very faint positive before my predicted menses. i just had a feeling and took the pregnancy test

If your period regular? If yes u can go and get clearblue and test as it will be more accurate. All the best!

You can check now. I checked after 5 days of missed period. Turns out positive. Good luck dear! ❤️

Hi, you should be able to test the results now. I got my positive results on a HPT about 13DPO.

I usually take it 7 to 10days after i missed my period. It is more accurate for me.

you can check after missing a week of your period. best to take in the morning

wait for 2 more weeks? it will be more accurate