I am a parent with a low supply of breast milk. My OB never told me about capsules that can help in incresing my breast milk once I have given birth to my child; I also took contraceptive pills since my OB told me that it is safe during breastfeeding but she never told me that it can drop the supply of my breastmilk.I tried various supplements such as moringa capsules and even tea. I also tried a couple of maternal milk supplements like anmum and mother nurture. How can I increase the supply of my breastmilk?

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Much better pa din ang natural way . Always kayo mag gulay ng malunggay at masasabaw . Wag lang talbos ng kamote .

4y ago

Sabi nila nakakakonti daw ng milk supply . Ako never mag talbos .

Unlilatch Momsh. Join ka sa fb group na breastfeeding pinays. Dami mo matututunan dun😊

Excluton daw mommy na contraceptive safe sa nagpapa breastfeed

Unli latch mommy then mga masasabaw na pagkain po.

Unli latch po mommy then sabaw2x ka po. ☺️

Kain ka ng masabaw