struggles on Breastfeeding

Hi can u please help me on my breastfeeding journey.. on my 4th month of breastfeeding, I noticed that my breast aren't that full anymore, i tried consuming malunggay supplements & powder, juice with fenugreek, oatmeal, alot of soup everyday but still my milk is still not that much, I tried power pumping and i got 30ml for an hour.. pls help???

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nbasa q lng kc breastfeed dn aq.. d dw ibig sbihin n pg ngpump k eh gnun lng dn ung amount n nkkuha ng bby.. tsaka pg d n feeling full ung breast ntin kc stable n dw ung milk supply.. bsta ng gain ng weight c baby and ndi iyak ng iyak no need to worry.

5y ago

thanks mommy for the info, its big help😊😊