Swollen toe

Hi! I noticed the side of his big toe is slightly swollen but when I tried to press in different directions, he doesn't cry. It seems that he isn't too affected by it. Should I be concerned?

Swollen toe
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Is baby crawling ? If he is , then its normal but if he isn't , u may wanna check with PD

2y ago

he's not crawling yet but wiggles alot in his crib, face down. could this cause it too?

It can be infected. so to be in safe side It is better to see your baby's doctor.

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Looks like an ingrown toe nail. Please bring it to the PD!

Hi, Suggest that best to check on this with your PD

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Best to bring your baby to the pediatrician

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pls bring to a Dr for check.

pls consult dr for a check