Flatter right head

My LO has preference to look right when he sleeps, he is 6w old and now his head is flatter on the right side. He has been sleeping in a cocoonababy, which seems to be working as he sleeps longer. Tried to slightly block him from turning right with adding padding under his sheet , but he doesn’t seem to settle to bed when i tried to do so. Should i be worried for a long term effect? Any advice? All i did now is to turn his cot around so facing us on his left.

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Just sharing. I was in a quite similar situation except that my 2nd boy was lying down face up. And he was lying down so much that the back of his head was becoming flat. We voiced our concerns to the pediatrician and he gave us 2 options; 1) Custom made a head wear that looked like a helmet for my boy. It costs about 3K. 2) Try not to let my boy lie down too much, and give him tummy time for short intervals a few times everyday. Think it would be best to consult your LO doctor first and decide what to do next. =)

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4y ago

Hi, glad to be of some help. My LO, whom is 12 years old this year has progress beautifully with a normal "head shape". Thank God we noticed at the very early stage. Happy Parenting to you ya. 😉