Cot or co-sleeper or travel cot?

I do not have the master bedroom. Due to limited space in the bedroom, i am wondering if i can get a co-sleeper or travel cot/playpen instead for my newborn. Any advice?

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I got a foldable playpen and a cosleeper as my baby prefers to sleep in the cosleeper somehow.

I bought a cot which is able to transform to toddler bed. My LO co sleeps with me but at least i know my money is well spent. When she grow she can still use the cot😊

11mo ago

Thanks for the suggestion! 👍

I‘be a very small house so I’ve bought a foldable travel cot that can convert into a playpen for my NB to safe space.

11mo ago


Super Mum

Co-sleepers are normally smaller and take up leas space, but that also means your baby will outgrow it more quickly. Playpens are bigger (about a metre long?), and these, in fact, are the “baby cots” provided in many hotels when you request for one. My daughter could sleep in it even at the age of 3 when in the hotel (she slept well 😁). You will need to get a good and firm mattress though, otherwise baby will sink in.

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11mo ago

Thank you so much for the clear explanation. I feel so much assured if i were to get playpen... 😊👍