I need some advice here. The inner part of my LO's bellybutton is black. It has been like that since the cord fell off but we didn't dare to clean it too hard. I have been trying to use the alcohol swap to clean it but it doesn't really come off. Do any of you experience this and how do you clean it? The clinic that I send my LO for vaccination says can use olive oil but I am not very sure about it.

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It's actually bits of dried blood. I, too, was afraid to clean my baby's umbilical cord properly as I was worried it would hurt her. At the polyclinic, the nurse told me that it was okay to wipe her belly button with a cotton bud soaked in cool boiled water to wipe it all off. As long as there's no pus or foul smelling discharge, it is okay to leave it alone.

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My son also has black stain in his bellybutton and we just ignore it since it is not harmful. Now he is 2 years old the bellybutton is clean.

Me too! I couldn't help and I started digging it out. The piece came off easily during shower