How do you clean lo tongue? It is so difficult to clean the inner part of tongue..currently using washcloth to clean but she doesn't open her mouth big enough. Any advice?

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how old is ur LO? tell baby "ah" n then insert ur finger and clean. maybe use a smaller finger like Little finger if need to? clean whatever u can. the point is to somewhat clean and get them to expect mouth cleaning early which will change to teeth brushing soon

Continue to clean inside whichever part you can reach. Last time LO doesn't open mouth too and cries when we wanna clean. But she has gotten used to it and now opens her mouth whenever we want to clean

I normally feed baby water after rach feed to rinse his mouth. And use a washcloth to wipe areas which i can clean. The rest ill advise to leave it as it is.

You can use baby toothbrush, the one that you put on your fingers. It will clear away all debris from the LOs tongue