Hi! May i know what type of bread do u all serve your babies? Those from supermarket (preserved but fortified w nutrients) or those from bakery? Or do u make yr own? My baby just started being interested in bread and wondering what is suitable 4 her at 1 yr old! TIA!

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My son is a bread monster! He loves bread more than any other food, and he is a born foodie haha. We offer him freshly baked bread from bakeries, but usually it's just the plain butter ones or those with raisins! He's 27mo now and we just started offering wholemeal/hokkaido milk bread from supermarket (those loaves), he also likes stealing bread from me when we have bread like ham and cheese or tuna filling :)

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I give wholemeal bread! Freshly bought would be better as they are usually softer then bread which been place on the counter top for days

I usually get mine from the bakery as it's fresh. i prefer swiss bakery as i know that the bread are fresh and healthier.

I give those from bakery