bringing infant out

Hi may I know is it safe to start bringing 2 months old out for evening walks ?

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I think it's ok. Just put some cover on baby's head like cap. And for not too long.

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Yes .. can , as I hv seen lot of ppl r taking nb to eveng walls ..

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Depends on individual comfort zone.. I did bring my lo out for walks either in the morning or evening daily, after 6 weeks

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Should be OK with adequate dressing


I would prefer not to do that. 2 month old immunity system still developing and better not expose unnecessarily to elements specially at night.

Hey, Should be fine but please properly cover the baby

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It's fine but don't stay out too long..

Better if walk in the morning so you baby will get morning sun n it's good for baby

I brought my baby out shopping countless times since he turned two months old. Evening walks will be good for baby. Just make sure you put mosquito patch