May I know for private non subsidized rate under KKH how much is the pregnancy package and c sec charge? I know it varies with diff gyne but just want to know the rates so that I can decide if want to deliver in kkh or not.

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Hi. I'm under kkh private suite when I have my kids. Their private charge, is over $100+... Each time u check up. Around evening will have extra $30 charge. As I feel kkh is not a good service!!! Their waiting time for appointment, I can wait the longer around 2hrs 😴 but their doctor are not bad I can say! But just the waiting time damn sux! They do not have package. If u want all the way under private, they got a class or b class for you to choose and is your doctor help u delivery... A class is around 4000+ and u can use half medisave and pay :) b around 3000+

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4y ago

Can i ask how much is the NIPT test KKH charge since u are under their private charges? Oh u mention each visit is 100 + If scanning how much will they charge for the first time and subsequent visits?

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KKH will still be cheaper then those private hosp out there. KKH does not have any packages for their maternity You can try to call up KKH and they will be able to offer you a detail pricing for your better understanding and information

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6y ago

Is the waiting time long for private patients? Roughly how long it takes?

The private clinic doctors are good! Each check up cost me slightly more than a100. I did my calculations and comparedother hospitals.kkh is still the cheapest.

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I ever waited for 3hrs for my private gynae as she is quite popular. even for subsidies cases which i was before. i ever waited 4hrs too. i guess it's normal.

The thing which annoyed me a little was the waiting time. In my opinion I pay more to wait less. No point having an appointment when I have to wait so long.