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I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that if you are not under private, you won’t be able to get hospital leave? I’m under team based subsidised rate at KKH. So I’m seeing diff gynae for every appt. im in my 7th months. Any mummies can confirm the above statement regarding the hospital leave? Thank you ☺️

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im 37 week . i have severe backache and carpal tunnel syndrome . spotting was seen twice in this pregancy but my doctor from nuh still refused to give me HL . only keep giving me mc . i cant take mc sometimes as it eats on to my leave .i felt so frustrating and hopeless that there is once i cried in one of the doctor visit .

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I have also heard that private hospital doctors are much lenient in giving hospitalisation leave for 1 or 2 weeks before the maternity leave starts. But KKH is very strict even if you see the Senior Consultant, the hospitalisation leave is only for those who really needs to be hospitlised.

4y ago

Actually my gynae was from kkh hes a senior consultant. Now he left and went to a private hospital and hes very generous in terms of sick leave that includes hl. So i think depends on ur gynae. But mostly dont really give

why do you want hospital leave? I was with private, and no, we don't get hospital leave as well. I tried asking from my gynae (as i wanted to go on leave earlier...hahahaa), but my gynae say it will only be issued when the mummy needs to be hospitalised

It depends on ur gynae. I got hl plenty of times even though im not warded. I asked for hl because i dont want to used up my mc😅 cause i used to work under gov sector so not good for my records. My colleague recommended me my gynae and i never regret at all😂

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Hi, may I know who was your gynae and from which hospital? :) TIA

requested and was granted 2 weeks HL before due. I was under subsidised ward at SGH with no complications or issues throughout pregnancy. I just went for my normal scheduled appointment, and during the consultation, I requested and got it!

9mo ago

hihi, able to know which gynae you saw?

Not true. I’ve heard of private gynae who don’t issue HL unless you warrants bed rest. Pte or subsidised, if your condition warrants HL, gynae would issue definitely.

From what I heard from friends, subsidise patients very hard to get HL. Most to most is MC. Dr always say HL only for high risk patients.......

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Hello there, I don’t think your class status affects ur HL.. when your gynae reviewed the need for it he/she can give...

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HL is only given if there is a need to the mummy. Nothing to do with status whether you are pte/sub class.

no need HL on the day i deliver i just text company and Maternity leave start