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I want to go KKH to give birth. However I wanna know the difference between KKH subsidized and private? How much difference is there ? and for subsidized do they scan and give you ultrasound?

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A lot of difference of course in terms of rates. Private checkups can go to hundreds but you'll be seeing the same gynae everytime while subsidized the most can be $60+/-? for ultrasound. And yes you'll also get 4-5 ultrasounds for subsidized (if there is no complications). Rates for ward charges are also a lot of difference. Will need deposits for private rooms/wards such as A or B1. No deposits for subsidized wards but you'll be sharing with 5-7 other patients (6 bedder or 8 bedder) depending on what ward you take (B2 or C). You'll only be staying for a day or 2 for vaginal delivery and 3-4 days for c-sect. Calculate your budget. If you can afford, go for private, otherwise go for subsidized. Many were shocked at the private rates and decided to change to subsidized route. There are also many who are unhappy with the subsidized route such as no fix gynae on every checkups & your delivery will be assisted by midwives. All depends on your budget and your comfortableness.

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the difference is quite a lot. private at KKH doesn't have much difference compare to other private hospital. private means no subsidy. if you want subsidy as a subsidised patient, u have to go poly to get referral letter. each doc visit will cost ard $50 scan and dc visit can be $50-$100 private can be $250 or even more. labour wise a huge difference. nevertheless u can go subsidy first. if u dont feel comfortable then change to private but some doctor no longer take patient above certain weeks.

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