Will you buy milk powder in JB?

?? I know the price there is cheaper, should I consider purchase it in JB?

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I do buy from jb since its cheaper and i could stockup more spare formula , if its a concern about fake formula, best place to purchase is at a known supermarket in JB like Tesco and Giant, if u were to buy those formula milk in packaging boxes u can check those with air in it is original so without air is fake. (got to know this info from malaysia news regarding how to differentiate between fake and real formulas) so far been buying for my kids and they had no issues.

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JB milk powder is definitely cheaper, but the ingredient is different. My cousin's daughter kept coughing and falling sick when she took the milk powder bought from JB. Once she stopped (on the advice from her PD, who says it happens to quite a number of kids he sees), she's all good. so i guess it depends? just buy 1 and try it out if you really want?

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I won't. There is news about Malaysia selling fake milk powder. Can just buy the ntuc brand, it is so much affordable and the nutritional levels are just as good as the well known brands. http://www.fivestarsandamoon.com/2017/12/fake-infant-milk-powder-jb/

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If price is a factor and your child is above 1 you can consider to swap to cows milk?

Maybe the more established brands... you can get Friso at Tesco, KSL City, JB :)

Yes I would. we will go JB every month to do our groceries shopping too.

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i wont .. i dun feel safe for bb food products

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Nope I will not. I saw news about this before

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i also won't buy

yes u shud..