Hi mummies,need help here. Do u know where i can find cheap milk formula? I give my baby brand similac stage 1. Usually i will buy that in jb but due to covic 19 i cant go to jb to buy. Mummies have any idea where to buy?

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Dumex dulac step 1. 14.80sgd for 800g at ntuc, redmart etc. We using this now to top up ebm, because kkh only use this and my girl is OK with it back then, no tummy problems.


Hi mummy I have similac stage 2 to bless not sure if you're keen. If youre keen drop me a DM at my ig @MummyJLife thanks!

2y ago

Hi baby using stage 1...

Can try Gold formula from fairprice made in Australia cheap and very good using it for my baby 29$ only

ntuc dumex dulac 14.8 my baby drinking that and she likes it better than similac

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mine drank both mamil from malaysia & singapore... able to order online?

Nature one. 29.5 per tin only. Or fair price brand also pretty cheap and good

2y ago

Yes. NATURE ONE. From australia

I can bless you 1 tin of similac stage 1 frm malaysia. It was given to me.

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Try shopee? Which stage formula are you using?

Dulac and Lactogen. Those 2 are cheap.

Ntuc gold soy blend. $29