are gynae appointments considered MC?

May I know if gynae appointments can be considered as MCs or cannot? Thanks!

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My tots, Appointment = Consultation. However, during the consultation, ur gynae will/can issue MC subject to condition (to each its own).

Yes of cos.. my gynae's assistant always ask me if i would like an MC after each session

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Hi mummy, appointments without written medical certificate are not considered MC.

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Not really. It is depends on if you are not well or just normal check up.

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Hi... during your consultation with gynecologist, you can request for MC

Can tell gynae that u need an mc. They will be very willing to give.

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Yes, my gynae always ask whether do I need MC for that day.

Only appointment not unless a MC is provided by gynae

Kkh every appt i go doctor will ask if i need an mc

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Most of the time yes. But depending on gynae too..