The First Kick Baby.

Can i know how many months or weeks baby start the kick.??? Now i already 19week pregg. Can share the moments,, how do you feel the first kick.??? thanks you for the sharing info mummy to be ?

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i can feel baby kick 20 week..first feels like someone try to tickle you especially when you lay down on left or right become more hard and you can start to realize mybe after 2 weeks how the differences.

4y ago

im so excited 😊

i forgot when i started feeling their kicks. but initially their kicks are ticklish. i would describe the sensation as having butterflies in my tummy.

4y ago

ouhh i see. so cutee 😄😄😄

19 weeks dah rasa . Being so active in 20 weeks skrg 23weeks terlampau active sampai scan pun tunjuk skill . Taklama dah tuu nak rasa 🥰🥰🥰

sy strt rase bby gerak 16minggu .tapi gerak halus dah 21minggu bukan main aktif die..lagi2 waktu scan ..mesti die aktif..

sy 16weeks dh rasa tendangan halus hehe makin besar dh skrg ni makin kuat dia tendang. tggu hari jer ni 🥰

mine is around 18 weeks. it feels like something tickling and bubbles popping. 😍😍

4y ago

hehe tak sabar tggu detik detik dia kuat kick. Excited rasanyaa nak tggu tuh. aminnn awak pon yee hehe 😍😘

Sy dh rsa msa 17week tp slow je,now 20week mkin kuat bby main ketuk² hihihi

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Mine after 20 weeks. I can't remember the exact week. But 20++ weeks

Now you can feel like popcorn poppling and bubble run in your tummy

for me 21 weeks dah rasa .. sabar ae skjp lg rasa lah tuu 😅