Help rashes

May I know how to get rid of this rashes from my lo. Thank you

Help rashes
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I wash baby face n neck often using boiled warm water and wash cloth dry it n apply the mustela cicastela cream, now my newborn baby rashes all gone including his pimples, I also try to give him bathe everyday as body too heaty

Hi, Put more moisturiser on LO's body after washing his face and neck using warm water. Also, do consult your PD to know the best cream for your LO

Wash the folds, pat dry thrououghly and apply baby friendly moisturiser. Do it daily and it should improve with time.

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Dab with cloth dipped in cooled, boiled water then put moisturiser. Need to do this frequently.

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After bathe and pat the folds dry apply this ointment daily (Bepanthen ointment)

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i used atomy cerebebe cream, it heals within 2 days for my baby

clean with boiled (room temp) water often

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best to bring your lo to the pediatrician

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Put more moisturiser