May I know can 6.5 months baby drink mineral or distilled water? We are bringing the kids to Seoul on Wednesday. Baby on formula feed, we will still bring boiled water out, but not sure if run out of it, can we use distilled or mineral water to make milk?

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I think best to buy distilled water. Cannot use mineral water because of the minerals in it is not what baby need. If the tap water is drinkable then boil and bring with u when heading out.Have u started solids? I would try to see if can give 1 solid at hotel before heading out and/or 1 solid when outside so that the demand on the fm (thus the need to lug the water around ) won't be so high

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Distilled water is fine. Not sure if Seoul sells drinking water? In Bangkok they do sell drinking water which is used for cooking and making formula milk too . And to Lady Lei I guess it is because in Singapore our tap water is safe for consumption from the tap and hence we can boil it for formula.

Im a bit surprised here. Because here in the Philippines we don't boil water for formulas anymore. We always use distilled water for it is much safer for babies.

We used distilled water that's boiled to make baby formula

Distilled water is the safest

Distilled water to be safe.

Always distilled water