hot weather

I kept feeling so hot these few days. Is it me or is the weather? Do you feel the heat too?

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Same!!it could be the weather aircon on wholeday😬which never happened before not daily but nowadays literally everyday

Weather is hot plus my body temp also went up ever since conceiving. So unbearable at night if I do not on the aircon

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Me too. Sweat a lot at home even when I did nothing or worst with the fan blowing right at me!

Its super super hot! So hot that it felt like my body is burning from the inside 😅

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Preggies have higher temp so ull naturally feel warmer. Plus it is really hot!

I think you are alegic to hot weather and it causes such reaction

Yup the heat is back.. i have multiple fans turned on haha

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Me too... One of the many other pregnancy 'gifts' 😀

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Yes!! Super hot whenever I go out of aircon room 😩

Yes, it's definitely heating up now. You're not wrong