I keep seeing posts and hashtags about mindful parenting. What does it mean to be a mindful parent? How is it different from positive parenting? Intentional parenting? So many types of parenting! What's wrong with just being a parent, period?

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Hi Yes, true, there is no wrong with being just a parent because when you become a parent every other thing that you mentioned come on its own. You become mindful, positive, responsible, counsellor, patient and so many other things. I think, sometimes, reading also confuses us a little. Do not get into definition of being a parent or go behind the adjectives before parent, just be a parent to your child with your own understanding of things.

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Exactly. Why do you even bother to understand what is the different kinds of parenting! You as a parent to your child are as unique as your child is. So, grow into a good parent as you teach your child to grow up into a good person, and this is what is important. Yes, we can always take cues from other people as how nicely or how a different;y a particular situation can be handled.

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Being a parent has many different angles but it all boils down to as being parents. Information is easily available now so it’s up to us to do the best we can with what knowledge we have.